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Health and wellbeing support in the workplace is key to ensuring employee success, happiness and sustainability. We are often reminded of the negative impact of poor lifestyle choice on the rising incidence of long-term health conditions and diseases. This can affect performance, sick days and career longevity. Investing in your employee wellbeing through improving health knowledge and promotion can reduce these risks, and positively impact on both the individual and your organisation.

VHK are really excited to work in collaboration with employers to offer a unique service which can help support with • Provision of expert health information • Improvement of understanding of the impacts of lifestyle choices • Delivery of education by enlightening talks or interactive workshops • Advice on Health and Well Being strategy in the workplace

Menopause in the workplace

A significant proportion of women are living and working with the menopause every day.

Many women have little knowledge of how this affects their bodies and why they experience the symptoms they do. It can be really hard to navigate these changes while working long hours in stressful jobs, or during busy everyday life.

Our aim at VHK is to empower women with greater knowledge and understanding to demystify the menopause and how it affects women, along with advising on effective management strategies including lifestyle support, cognitive behavioural therapy and medical management such as HRT which can be put into place both within and outside of the workplace to ensure continued success during this time.
We offer educational packages to businesses to support both employers and employees by delivering accurate and reliable information about the menopause and how best to support women during this life transition.
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